Suspended In Gaffa - A celebration of the female voice

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Suspended In Gaffa 06

My theme song: Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa (from her album The Dreaming, my favorite album of all time, by anybody)

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Size: 81,717kb
Length: 58:06

Suspended In Gaffa 06

Next to each artist's name is a link to a short sample of the song, so you can get a taste of the music. It might also come in handy to identify one or more of the middle artists if you listened to the whole show, liked something but can't remember how many songs in it was.

Playlist for Suspended In Gaffa 6

01. Micropixie - Cognitive Dissonance (note/sample)
02. Noe Venable - Black Madonna (note/sample)
03. Happy Rhodes - If Wishes Were Horses, How Beggars Would Ride (note/sample)
04. Gretel - Wolves (note/sample)
05. Anne Pigalle - Intermission (The Gods Are Bored) (note/sample)
06. Mary Coughlan - Parade Of Clowns (note/sample)
07. Kirsty MacColl - Innocence (Guilt Mix) (note/sample)
08. West India Company - O Je Suis Seul (note/sample)
09. Bel Canto - Free Lunch In The Jungle (note/sample)
10. Sinead O'Connor - Fire On Babylon (note/sample)
11. Le Mystere des voix Bulgares - Erghen Daido (note/sample)
12. Mouth Music - Seinn O! (note/sample)
13. Alkistis Protopsalti - Kathreftis (note/sample)
14. Ashley Maher - Dream Rhymes (note/sample)


01. Micropixie - Cognitive Dissonance

This is from her album Alice in Stevie Wonderland. I heard this song on MySpace and bought the album on iTunes, but I still want the hard copy.

Micropixie's MySpace page

Official web site. (Cool-looking but frustrating)


02. Noe Venable - Black Madonna

This is from Noe's brilliant album The World Is Bound By Secret Knots. A very happy Ecto discovery.

Noe's MySpace page.

Noe's web site. (Accessible)


03. Happy Rhodes - If Wishes Were Horses, How Beggars Would Ride

From Happy's brilliant album Many Worlds Are Born Tonight. I love all the other Happy Rhodes albums too, but this one in particular is, well, brilliant! This is a heartbreaking and hypnotic song about, I believe, the painful decision to put your suffering pet to sleep.

Happy's official web site, (Accessible!)

Happy's fan page


04. Gretel - Wolves

This is from her album Unreturnable Dirt. Another great MySpace discovery. I bought the album on iTunes just to get this song. I know I could have bought just this song, but I wanted to support her. Now I need to get the hard copy.

Gretel's Official page

Gretel's MySpace page


05. Anne Pigalle - Intermission (The Gods Are Bored)

This is from the Japanese CD of Everything Could Be So Perfect. This was always my favorite song on the album. (Accessible!)


06. Mary Coughlan - Parade Of Clowns

This is from Mary's album Under The Influence. I discovered Mary back in 1988 when her first album Tired And Emotional came out. I bought the LP. I've met Mary a few times and interviewed her for my radio show. It was at a Celtic Fest and oh it was a miserable night, cold and rainy. She had performed the night before at the Abbey Pub here in Chicago, so that was nice. She put on a great show at the Celtic Fest, but I think everyone was glad when it was over. We found shelter in a nearby building and conducted the interview with a portable tape recorder. After that, we (my friends Chip and Charley) went to her hotel bar, where Mary regaled us with fun stories about working with Neil Jordan.

Stealing from a post of mine to Ectom with a few minor corrections:
Mary would remember me as "The Bag Lady" :-). The next-to-last time she played Chicago, she played at my favorite venue, Schubas. The day before that, she performed at an in-store at Borders. Talking to her after the in-store, she complained about needing bags to carry crap in (her words, she's delightfully profane). She has 5 kids, and was doing a lot of shopping while in the states. She said that clothes were especially cheap here. Chris and I promised we'd bring some bags to her the next night. We had a bunch of them (gym bag type affairs), and brought her quite a few to choose from. She picked 4 or 5, plus a backpack that I didn't like, but that she seemed to fall in love with. (She must've said "it's fuckin' brilliant!" at least 10 times.)

The last time she was here was for the Guinness Fleadh this summer (1998). She was the first to perform and Chris and I made sure we got there early enough to see her. She was wonderful, as always, but we were thrilled when she recognized us sitting on the ground in front. She made a motion, miming putting on a backpack, and winked at us. She dedicated the next song to us and told the whole story about us giving her the bags! After her set, but before the next band (Capercaillie) she came out and found us. We stood talking for a while, and then she motioned us close. She pressed something into my hand and said that it was a thanks for the bags, but to keep it quiet. When she left we looked to see what she had given me, and there were 2 backstage passes! Since the "backstage" consisted of a closed-off semi-circular area around the entire park grounds, we could move from one stage to the other quickly and easily, unlike the poor souls who had to maneuver among the tens of thousands of people also trying to maneuver from stage to stage. She did us such a wonderful favor. We probably could have met a lot of the artists, but we decided we didn't want to bother anybody. We did meet Dar Williams though, since we stood right behind the stage listening to her show and were right there when she came off.

Mary Coughlan's Official site

Mary Coughlan resource page at Robot Wisdom. I'm not sure how many of the links are still intact, but it's still got a lot of good information there, such as a nice timeline.


07. Kirsty MacColl - Innocence (Guilt Mix)

This is from a 12" vinyl single. Kirsty was one of the finest songwriters ever. She is sorely missed. I was lucky enough to interview her in person for the radio show, and we got to see her in concert a couple of times.

Freeworld, an official fan site

Wikipedia page

Justice For Kirsty campaign


08. West India Company - O Je Suis Seul

This song features Asha Bhosle on vocals, and is from the West India Company album New Demons. The album is a soundtrack to a dance show by a Canadian troup called La La La Human Steps. The whole album is just amazing. See SIG 2 for more details.


09. Bel Canto - Free Lunch In The Jungle

This is from the 1996 album Magic Box, which, though it might be my least favorite album by them, still has several wonderful songs. I was inspired to play this song because of a post in Ecto that quoted it.

Official Bel Canto site

Bel Canto's MySpace page


10. Sinead O'Connor - Fire On Babylon

This is from one of the best albums of the 1990's, in my opinion, Universal Mother. Brilliant from beginning to end.

A very nice fan site


11. Le Mystere des voix Bulgares - Erghen Daido

That song is from their first 4AD release, which I bought on vinyl in 1988 when it first came out. It's still my favorite release of theirs.

A web page with some information.


12. Mouth Music - Seinn O

Happy Rhodes first told me about this self-titled album. She loved it. We saw Mouth Music in concert at a small club in Chicago called Schubas. Opening for them was Lisa Germano, who was touring to support her first album On The Way Down From The Moon Palace!

Nice, but incomplete Mouth Music Discography

Amazon page with lots of reviews.

Article about Martin Swan

Talitha MacKenzie's Official web site. (Wonderfully accessible!)


13. Alkistis Protopsalti - Kathreftis

From the album Like A Volcano. Another Napster discovery. I love this song. I have no idea what it's about. I wish I could see her in concert someday.

Fan site

Alkistis's Offical site (a useless Flash monstrosity)

Note: Her first name is spelled both as Alkistis and Alkestis.


14. Ashley Maher - Dream Rhymes

This is from Ashley's 2nd album Pomegranite. I also discovered her through the Ecto mailing list (thank you Anthony!).

Ashley's (Accessible) web site which I see is hosted by the wonderful folks at Harmony Ridge Music.