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Suspended In Gaffa 07

My theme song: Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa (from her album The Dreaming, my favorite album of all time, by anybody)

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Suspended In Gaffa 7

Next to each artist's name is a link to a short sample of the song, so you can get a taste of the music. It might also come in handy to identify one or more of the middle artists if you listened to the whole show, liked something but can't remember how many songs in it was.

Playlist for Suspended In Gaffa 7

01. Najma - Neend Koyi (note/sample)
02. Shona Laing - (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy (note/sample)
03. Terami Hirsch - Little Light (note/sample)
04. Charlotte Martin - Under The Gravel Skies (note/sample)
05. A.C. Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing (note/sample)
06. Milla - Gentlemen Who Fell (note/sample)
07. Susan Voelz - Mystic River Bridge (note/sample)
08. Happy Rhodes - Temporary And Eternal (Echoes 1995) (note/sample)
09. Noe Venable - midsummer night's dream (note/sample)
10. Nan Vernon - No More Lullabyes (note/sample)
11. Inara George - Fools Work (note/sample)
12. Sinéad Lohan - No Mermaid (note/sample)
13. Ella Blame - Covered With Sweat (note/sample)


01. Najma - Neend Koyi

This is from her album, the best one in my opinion, Qareeb. i first heard Najma from another show at KKFI called Look, It's The World, when Sarah and Tom, the hosts, used the beginning of this song as the background to a promo for their show. Maybe it's not the best, I don't know, but it's certainly my favorite.

Najma's official site. Cool that she has one. Too bad it sucks. The sad thing is, she probably paid good money to have this done to her too.


02. Shona Laing - (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy

This is from her album South. Shona is from New Zealand. We first heard of/saw Shona on, believe it or not, MTV. They showed her video to the amazing song "Soviet Snow" on 120 Minutes, a program that introduced us to a lot of interesting artists, and we went out and got the album the next day. I was going to play "Soviet Snow" but this one seemed to fit better. I love both songs. I haven't heard much beyond the album South, unfortunately.

Nice page about her

Lyrics to the song


03. Terami Hirsch - Little Light

This is from the album Entrophy 29, and was also released on a limited-edition EP. Terami is an Ecto discovery, though of course I was late to the game. It isn't that I don't pay attention to Ectophiles, it's more a combination of constantly being broke and not wanting to pay attention when I can't afford to support the artists that are being talked about, and going through periods where I don't listen to new music. I'm always the one who loses out though. Terami's wonderful, and I wish I'd paid attention a lot sooner.

Terami's official site

Terami's MySpace page

Really nice interview and write-up (great pics too!)

A nice web site

Terami's CD Baby page (for Entrophy 29)


04. Charlotte Martin - Under The Gravel Skies

This is from the fantastic EP Veins. Charlotte is one of the nicest people I've ever met! I've seen her live 3 times, and she always blows me away. After the first time I saw her, at Schubas in Chicago, I gave her a Happy Rhodes CD, Many Worlds Are Born Tonight. I didn't really expect her to listen to it, but a few months later I got word that she not only had listened to it, she had fallen completely in love with it! She even covered a Happy song, "100 years," at her next show at Schubas (and also in Philadelphia), something that's never happened before (someone of Char's stature covering Happy). She always gives me a big hug when she sees me now. What a sweetie!

A wonderful fan site!

Another fan site

Charlotte's official MySpace page

Char's Wikipedia page

Charlotte's official site (a beautiful-looking horrorshow, it's so inaccessable that it would make the Baby Jesus cry if he tried to get in without Flash)


05. A.C. Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing

A. C. Marias is Angela Conway, and this comes from the album of the same name (it was also a single). I bought this LP when I was doing my radio show, and I like just about every song on it.

Very short review of the album

Lyrics for the album!

A bit of very hard-to-read info (tip: right-click and select all to highlight, then it's readable)


06. Milla - Gentlemen Who Fell

This is from Milla's amazing album The Divine Comedy. Milla may be best known as a model and zombie film action heroine, but I first knew her via this album, and it's still one of my favorite albums of the '90's. This is an EXCELLENT album! Every song, from beginning to end. I had hoped she would follow it up with an even more awesome progression. For a while there, until I realized that wasn't going to happen, I put Milla down as a would-be Kate, Happy, Tori and Jane, especially since the album was recorded when she was 16 (it was released when she was 18)!

In any case, I saw Milla play a wonderful little club in Chicago called Schubas, and after the awesome show I got to meet her. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. We talked about Kate Bush (Milla was a big fan), pot (she had just appeared on the cover of High Times, which I thought was very cool), and music. I gave her a Happy Rhodes CD and said my goodbyes. She gave me a big hug! That night is still a cherished memory. I still have the poster she signed up on my "ego wall" (lots of signed posters, flats, and CDs):

Milla's official site

Milla's MySpace site (a *MUSIC* page, a good sign!)

Milla's Wikipedia page

Milla's IMDB page

Interesting article


07. Susan Voelz - Mystic River Bridge

This is from Susan's wonderful album Summer Crashing. I love this album, and also her other one 13 Ribs. I saw Susan when she was with Poi Dog Pondering and at the I Wanna Be Kate record release party (she does a killer version of "The Sensual World" on that record), but I've never seen her solo. I met her at the IWBK show, but she was in a really bad mood and scowled at me. I hate being scowled at, especially by someone I really really really like.

Nice review (scroll down).

Ectophiles' Guide page

Bio at Trouser Press

Fan page

Poi Dog Pondering's official site (god knows I love 'em, but damn this is a horrific Flash monstrosity, VERY inaccessible)


08. Happy Rhodes - Temporary And Eternal (Echoes 1995)

This is from Happy's album called The Keep, a compilation of acoustic and rare tracks. It's Happy Rhodes. What else is there to say? *Swoon*

See upper right for Happy Rhodes links.


09. Noe Venable - midsummer night's dream

Do I ever get enough of this album (The World Is Bound By Secret Knots)? As if. This is the first song I heard by Noe, playing live at Schubas. I was mesmerized then, and I'm still mesmerized by her.

Noe's MySpace page.

Noe's web site. (Accessible)


10. Nan Vernon - No More Lullabyes

I found this amazing album, Manta Ray (the only one she's released), in a used record store and was floored by how good it was. I can't imagine how she could have progressed had she been able to make more albums. I wish I were rich. I'd build a studio complex just so these many women could just make albums.

Here's my fan site, with some pictures of Manta Ray and a mirror I made of another fan's site (there were a bazillion pop-ups there and I couldn't stand it, so I got cheeky).
Vickie's Nan Vernon page


11. Inara George - Fools Work

This is from Inara's debut album All Rise. What a fantastic album! Inara is another MySpace discovery for me.

Interview at SF Burning

Inara's CD Baby page

Official site (useless Flash thing)

Inara's appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic


12. Sinéad Lohan - No Mermaid

This is from Sinéad's album No Mermaid. I can't remember how I heard of her. Probably Ecto. I saw her perform and I can't for the life of me remember anything about the show. That's not a reflection on her, just on my terrible memory, because I do think she's really wonderful. I just know that I came away with a signed poster.

Sinead's page at Harmony Ridge

Sinead's very out-of-date but still nice official site


13. Ella Blame - Covered With Sweat

This one is from that album, Ineffable Desire (unlike the last song I played). It's her debut album and shows such amazing promise. Besides that, she's been very nice to me, and she loves Happy, which of course marks her as a superior human being.

Ella's fantastic and accessible official site

Ella's MySpace page