Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin Komeda Takako Minekawa Humpe Humpe The Boswell Sisters Eva Ayllon Anna Domino Happy Rhodes The Shakers Steeleye Span Sheila Chandra 10,000 Maniacs Toyah Hector Zazou and Anneli Drecker Siouxsie & the Banshees

Suspended In Gaffa 8

My theme song: Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa (from her album The Dreaming, my favorite album of all time, by anybody)

She talks! This is my first show where I actually talk, to back-announce. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Suspended In Gaffa 8

Next to each artist's name is a link to a short sample of the song, so you can get a taste of the music. It might also come in handy to identify one or more of the middle artists if you listened to the whole show, liked something but can't remember how many songs in it was.

Playlist for Suspended In Gaffa 8

01. Dave "not that one" Stewart and Barbara Gaskin - The Locomotion (note/sample)
02. Komeda - Our Hospitality (note/sample)
03. Takako Minekawa - Plash (note/sample)
04. Humpe Humpe - Yama-Ha (note/sample)
05. The Boswell Sisters - Put That Sun Back In The Sky (note/sample)
06. Eva Ayllon - Bandida (note/sample)
07. Anna Domino - Rhythm (note/sample)
08. Happy Rhodes - Collective Heart (note/sample)
09. The Shakers - City of Strange Delights (note/sample)
10. Steeleye Span - Cam Ye O'er Frae France (note/sample)
11. Sheila Chandra - Raqs (note/sample)
12. 10000 Maniacs - Scorpio Rising (note/sample)
13. Toyah Wilcox - Ghosts In The Universe (note/sample)
14. Hector Zazou featuring Anneli Drecker - I'll Strangle You (note/sample)
15. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine (note/sample)


01. Dave "not that one" Stewart and Barbara Gaskin - The Locomotion

It's not the same Dave Stewart who's in Eurythmics. This Dave was in the bands Egg and Hatfield & The North, among others. Barbara was a singer with Spirogyra before teaming up with Dave. See their web site for detailed bios.

This is a 12" single, and also the picture disc above. It also appeared on a Japanese compilation, As Far As Dreams Can Go, which was the 2nd Japanese compilation of their singles. The first is Broken Records - The Singles. There's also a US compilaton called Up From The Dark, released by Rykodisc in 1986. These are all compilations because until then, Dave and Barbara only released vinyl singles of mostly covers, delightful covers. Their first "real" album of original songs came in 1989 with The Big Idea. If you ever see any of the singles compilations, grab them!

Chris and I have been huge fans of Dave and Barbara since the mid-80's, thanks to our good friend from Kansas City, Rick. I used to have an office job doing data entry and bookkeeping for an X-rated theater. I worked days in a video store owned by the same people who owned the theater, so they let me work nights at the theater. To try and bring in more customers at the time when home video was threatening theaters, especially adult theaters, the owner started having live strippers "perform" between movies. Since I was there, and upstairs, one of my job duties entailed starting the music and running the Super Trouper spotlight for the dancers. I was continually appalled by the wretched taste in music of the dancers, so I made up compilation tapes and handed them out. They all got ignored except by one dancer, a very smart and sweet woman who was going to college to get a degree in psychology. She fell in love with this song, and made up a whole routine, starting out wearing overalls, a conductor's kerchief and hat, and carrying a lantern. As the song went along she stripped it all off and did very unusual things with the lantern and various body parts. It was very arty and erotic and it delighted me to no end, that she would put D&B's song to such good use. Recently I met someone on MySpace who knows Dave. I told them the story and they passed it along to Dave. He was highly amused.

Dave and Barbara's web site


02. Komeda - Our Hospitality

This is from the 1998 album What Makes It Go? I discovered Komeda on the old Napster and immediately bought up everything I could find (take that "Napster is killing music" idiots). They're just wonderful!

Wikipedia's page on Komeda

Fan site

Article about Komeda


03. Takako Minekawa - Plash

From the album Fun 9.I have a soft spot for precious Japanese pop. I adore Takako!

Video to this song on YouTube! There are other videos there too.

Bit of bio

Fan site


04. Humpe Humpe - Yama-Ha

I found this (LP), just called Humpe Humpe, in a record store and bought it without hearing it. I'm so glad I did! I also have their 2nd album under the name Swimming With Sharks (band and album name the same). Most of their music isn't novelty like this one, but I couldn't think of anything more perfect to play after Takako. Humpe Humpe were two sisters, Inga and Annette (sometimes spelled Anete).

Trouser Press's page about Humpe Humpe

Read German? Here's Wikipedia Germany's Inga Humpe page, and Annette Humpe's page


05. The Boswell Sisters - Put That Sun Back In The Sky

That picture is not the correct one. This is on the album "OK America! Alternate Takes And Rarities" but I couldn't find a pic online and my scanner is not working.

I used to engineer for a legend (in all our minds) named "Old Uncle Bob" (O-U-B, or often, "Uuuub" for short) at KKFI in Kansas City. He was older than god, was a certified coot, and knew EVERYTHING about old jazz from the 20's-40's but hated playing the records himself, so I volunteered to help him. I loved looking through his awesome record collection and finding gems like this. There used to be an obit for OUB online, but it's gone now. Isn't it a shame when things like that just disappear? After his death at 99 (he died a week before his 100th birthday), his collection went to the MARR Sound Archives at UMKC (the University of Missouri at Kansas City).

Info page

Wikipedia's Boswell Sisters page


06. Eva Ayllon - Bandida

This is from the album Lo mejor, though I also have it listed as being from Rebeca. Eva is another old Napster find. My husband and I saw her perform in Chicago during a World Music Festival. Eva played at a Borders Books and she gave the performance just as much energy and passion as if it had been in a theater hall. I have no idea what this song is about, I just like the music and her voice.

There isn't much on the web about Eva, surprisingly enough. Here is a Bio.

Eva's Wikipedia page.


07. Anna Domino - Rhythm

This is from Anna Domino's self-titled album Anna Domino. This woman (real name Anne Taylor) should be famous now, but like all the people I think should be famous, they were criminally ignored. This is my favorite song by her, and she has a LOT of great songs.

Short but nice overview of her career.

Another article (with a very cool picture)

Nice discography with pics

Anna's Ectophiles' Guide page

Interesting article about Snakefarm, another Anna Domino project.


08. Happy Rhodes - Collective Heart

This is from Building The Colossus. It's about and for her fans, the people who have stood behind her and supported her through the years, and those who just discover her and become dedicated fans. I proudly count myself among the dedicated.

Happy's MySpace page

More (many more) song samples (put up with permission)

Happy's official site


09. The Shakers - City of Strange Delights

This is on the album Songs From Beneath The Lake. Rebecca Stout on vocals. I first heard of The Shakers when I found an EP called Living in the Shadow of a Spirit (a concept EP about a bit of fiction called the Bell Witch) in a Chicago record store, then later I found this album. I'm glad I did.

The Shakers' MySpace page


10. Steeleye Span - Cam Ye O'er Frae France

This is on their album Parcel of Rogues. Maddy Prior on vocals.

Steeleye Span Wikipedia page

Fan page

Fan page


11. Sheila Chandra - Raqs

From the album Nada Brahma. This is my favorite song by her.

Here's a nice discography with pictures

Wikipedia's Sheila Chandra page

Sheila's horrifying official site


12. 10000 Maniacs - Scorpio Rising

From the album The Wishing Chair. We first discovered this band through MTV's 120 Minutes when they showed the video to this song.

10,000 Maniacs' Wikipedia page

Natalie Merchant's official page


13. Toyah Wilcox - Ghosts In The Universe

This is from Toyah's album Prostitute. I was introduced to Toyah via a friend of mine who died many years ago, the author Mike Weaver. If you've never heard the album, that "sermon" at the end is from this song, not the next one.

Toyah's Official site (offers an HTML version!)

A fan site



14. Hector Zazou featuring Anneli Drecker - I'll Strangle You

The coolest song in the universe? Quite possibly. What a perfect match-up. God meets Goddess. I fulfilled a dream a few weeks ago when I met Hector Zazou. Bad idea. I think he thinks I'm a total loser now, which is probably true, but damn, I don't want my idols to know it. Tip: Unless you're cool and hip or can think of something more intelligent to say than "I adore you!," don't meet your cool and hip idols lest they think you're a complete dork. I met Kate Bush once and the same thing happened. Boy was I an gibbering idiot. Hope to god I never meet Peter Gabriel, I'll just faint dead away. I've met Happy and was a dork too, but she likes me anyway. But then, she's weird.

That guy voice belongs to Gerard Depardieu.

Anneli's MySpace page (THERE'S A **VIDEO** TO THIS SONG THERE!!)

Hector's MySpace page

Wikipedia's Anneli Drecker page

Ectoguide's Hector Zazou page


15. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Christine

This is from the album Kaleidoscope. Siouxsie's a goddess, no doubt about that. I first discovered her when a friend of a friend brought over a brand new video collection Once Upon A Time: The Singles. Of course I'd heard of Siouxsie, but I wasn't familiar with her and didn't think I was interested, but I was enthralled by that video and became a fan that night. I spent weeks tracking down all her albums.

A very nice fan site

An "All Its Incarnations" fan site

A Creatures/Siouxsie official site

Siouxsie and the Banshee's Wikipedia page

Siouxsie Sioux's Wikipedia page

A very nice fan site

La La!