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Suspended In Gaffa 3

As always, here's Kate Bush's "Suspended In Gaffa," from the Greatest Album Ever Recorded (to me, anyway), The Dreaming. It's my theme song, but would take up too much room if I put it into every show.

Kate Bush - Suspended In Gaffa (from her album The Dreaming, my favorite album of all time, by anybody)

Here's the show as a whole (with no talking) in mp3 form. It wouldn't stream for me, using Winamp, but did for a friend who used Windows Media Player, so you might have to download the whole thing.

MP3 file:
Size: 82,150kb
Length: 58:25

SIG03 Suspended In Gaffa

Next to each artist's name is a link to a short sample of the song, so you can get a taste of the music. It might also come in handy to identify one or more of the middle artists if you listened to the whole show, liked something but can't remember how many songs in it was. The notes go to more information about the artist/album.

Playlist for Suspended In Gaffa 3

01. Hollie Smith - Amazing Grace (note/sample)
02. July - Grace (note/sample)
03. Marianne Faithful - Falling From Grace (note/sample)
04. Sophie Zelmani - Going Home (note/sample)
05. Azure Ray - Seven Days (note/sample)
06. Ephemera - Everytime (note/sample)
07. The Telling - Blue Solitaire (note/sample)
08. Pamela Golden - Happens All The Time (note/sample)
09. Happy Rhodes - Winter (note/sample)
10. Sheila Nicholls - Moth and The Streetlight (note/sample)
11. Heidi Berry - The Moon and the Sun (note/sample)
12. Susan McKeown - A Mhaire Bhruinneall (note/sample)
13. Heather Duby - For Jeffrey (note/sample)
14. Merrie Amsterburg - Belonging (note/sample)


01. Hollie Smith - Amazing Grace

This comes from Hollie's album Light From A Distant Shore, a decent album with many flashes of interesting production, such as on "Rowan Tree" which changes time signatures all over the place. This was my favorite song though. The song is way overexposed but when I heard this my mouth dropped open. Gorgeous. I adore her voice. An Ecto/Ecto Guide discovery.

I couldn't find an official site. Here are a few informational pages:

Short article in Rambles magazine

Hollie Smith's page at Harmony Ridge

NZ Music listing


02. July - Grace

This is from July's album Surface For Air.

July is a now-defunct (as far as I know) Chicago band, with Stacy Pushkar on vocals. I was looking around for songs about "Grace" because I get into moods sometimes. This song is getting near to mainstream but it never broke out into jangly ugly guitars and drums like I feared. I ended up being very taken with the song. It reminded me of someone but my tiny mind won't give up who. *reminds self to go listen to Crash Vegas CDs*

This band has near zero web presence. All I could find was this Centerstage Tidbit.

I played two "Grace" songs, had to have a third, and this next is my favorite...


03. Marianne Faithfull - Falling From Grace

This is from the album A Child's Adventure. Marianne rules. I know that's a lame thing to say, but I'm too lame to give her justice with mere words.

I started out with Hollie Smith's "Amazing Grace" so I had to do a mini "Grace" set. I probably would have done a whole "Grace" show in the old days. Grace Darling, Grace Slick...

I'm shocked, but she doesn't seem to have an official site. Here's Wikipedia's Marianne Faithfull page


04. Sophie Zelmani - Going Home

This is from Sophie's album Sing And Dance, my favorite of the ones I have.

A voice to melt by. I heard this first with headphones on and just boggled. I played it over and over. Sophie is from Sweden and has 5 albums. I have all of them except the latest one (I want it but they're horrifically expensive and the material is a bit uneven). The songs I like I really really like though, and her voice is always to die for. It just hugs you.

The official site (Sigh, Inaccessible)

A friendlier fan site


05. Azure Ray - Seven Days

This is from the album Burn & Shiver. I downloaded this off their web site (shhhhh) but after hearing this wonderful song on headphones I put all their music that was on Amazon into my Shopping Cart. As soon as some bills are paid, they're my next purchase.

Azure Ray are Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor. They started out in Athens but then moved to Omaha, Nebraska. It wouldn't have seemed like a smart move, but I found out that Omaha has quite an interesting local music scene. I learn something new every day. (I'm originally from the Kansas City area. Omaha was always considered hicksville, with Lincoln the place to be. Nothing personal Omaha. I know better now.) They worked with Moby. I hate them. (Just kidding, I think it's wonderful. It's just that I would love to hear Happy work with Moby. )

The official web site (Accessible)

A fan site (I'm not sure if it's Accessible)


06. Ephemera - Everytime

This is from Ephemera's album Glue. Most of their songs are a bit more upbeat, but it's all wonderful, shimmery, gorgeous sugar pop.

Ephemera are from Norway. I love them! An Ecto discovery, but also thanks to Yngve for getting me their albums.

The Official web site. This worked when I found it, but isn't working now. I'll leave it up in case it was just a temporary outage.

They don't have much of a web presence, but here's a nice interview


07. The Telling - Blue Solitaire

This is from their album also called Blue Solitaire. They have a new(er) album that I haven't heard. I'm sure it's wonderful too, but their checkout method seems really iffy so I didn't buy it. I got this as a promo when I had my original radio show. I liked it immediately and played the heck out of it. It was nice to pull it out and listen to it again. This set had too many downer songs, but I had to add one more so I fit this in. It's not *that* downer. It's gorgeous.

Bizarre-looking Offical site (Inaccessible)

Here's a back door to the site. Once you get into the site, it has accessible links and you can read around. History page.


08. Pamela Golden - Happens All The Time

This is the title track from her album Happens All The Time.

I have something like 1500 CDs, and this is one of a handful that I bought unheard. I hadn't even heard of her. I bought it just based on the cover art and her name, and a general feeling from the song titles on the back. Also the fact that Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin are on the album. I didn't go wrong. It's a beautiful thing that still sounds as good now as when I bought it.

She seems to have disappeared, but last I heard, she was living in Seattle. If anyone knows her tell her she still has fans out here.

I couldn't find a web presence. What a shame.

Pamela's Ectophile's Guide page


09. Happy Rhodes - Winter

This is yet another one from Happy's masterpiece Many Worlds Are Born Tonight.

I was going to play this in the 2nd show but it didn't fit. I think it worked nicely here. But then, I'm weird, and Happy can do no wrong in my eyes.

My fan site


10. Sheila Nicholls - Moth and The Streetlight

This is from Sheila's album Wake, one of 2 I own. I love her style.

Sheila is on Essexgirl Records, which has Accessible links at the bottom, but if you click on "Sheila" to get to her specific site, you find it's completely Inaccessible. Damn.


11. Heidi Berry - The Moon and the Sun

This is from Heidi's self-titled album Heidi Berry. A friend gave this to me when I was doing my radio show.

A site with a discography

4AD's Heidi Berry biography.


12. Susan McKeown - A Mhaire Bhruinneall

This track is from Susan's album Bushes & Briars. A wonderful Ecto discovery, but I didn't pay attention to the talk for far too long. Boy it was hard to choose what song to play. I already had the track before it and the track after it chosen but needed a bridge. This was just the right length and fit in nicely.

Susan's Official web site. (Accessible)


13. Heather Duby - For Jeffrey

This is from Heather's album Post To Wire.

My friend Charley told me about her. This song is odd but strangely hypnotic. I love odd and strangely hypnotic.

Heather Duby's Official site. (The front page has some links, but the inside page is woefully Inaccessible, and it breaks the Back button. *bites tongue, hard*)


14. Merrie Amsterburg - Belonging

This is from her album Season Of Rain. I loved it the moment I heard it. I'm *very* late to Merrie's music. Ectophiles discovered her years ago.

I couldn't find an official web page, but this is her record company page.